How it works:

  • Lodging:
Ken will need a host home or a place at the church to stay the night, and a place to keep his horse, at the same location.
Wherever the house is for the night, Ken must be relatively near his horse at all times, or be where he can check up on him, even at night if need be.
Ken will arrive at the host home before supper that night.  He will join you for supper, breakfast early the next morning, and a sack lunch for the next day, provided by you.

  • Horses Needs:
The horse will need no special place other than a place to be tied up for the night,  a pen, or a small fenced area.  He will also need however, to be where other stock cannot get to him.
He will need to be supplied a bale of hay and 30lbs of oats, corn or prepared horse feed, purchased from your local feed store.
This will feed the horse for one night, morning, and noon hour as Ken will take some grain with him for mid day.
The horse is on the road for six days a week and will be using a lot of energy.

  • Location of Host:
The host family or "location" should be as close to the church as possible, as the horse is ridden after supper to the church for the service, then back for the nights lodging.  (as long as strength and time permit)
The rider will need to go to bed fairly early in order to leave early the next morning.
This ministry is not only an effective outreach, it is also an athletic event for both horse and rider.

It is Ken's policy never to lodge where adult males are not present in the home with the rest of the family.

If this commemorating event takes place in your church on a Sunday, then the rider will arrive on Saturday night and leave Monday morning.  You will have Ken for 2 nights.  Please don't plan a busy day for Ken on Sunday as this is an important day of rest for both the horse and Ken.  However visiting is fine.

  • At the Church
Ken will ride to and tie his horse at the church or event.  You will need to provide a place for Ken to tie his horse.  Trees, a sturdy fence, or pick-up truck rack, or a line between two trees will do.
Ken may request an attendant to stay with the horse during the service.  Please have a volunteer ready ahead of time.

We suggest that you use these evenings for a time of fellowship and outreach.  We encourage you to bring tents and campers to a neutral (non-church) location and have an evening campfire.  Bring folks with you that are not comfortable going to church.
Ken will have a devotional or short message early in the evening. 

These "camp meetings" may be a very important part of this event. 

Small or large, they render good will and fellowship for your church!

You will be a vital link on the long road across our nation, therefore we ask that in the event of an emergency, and should your church have to cancel, that you notify the Montana office right away, and make every attempt to find a substitute church and/or host family or lodging.

We are depending on you for the "link" on this long trail.

Speaking engagements are taken on the basis of "free will" or love offerings.  While there is no obligation to give to this ministry we ask that if there are unmet important financial needs in the church that you DO NOT GIVE!  God will supply our needs through others who are able.

Any gift amount is entirely up to you and the Lord.  All monies must be converted to a check and made out to Trailside Ministries, as Ken cannot carry or mail cash.  Please ask someone from your church or group to see that Ken receives that check after the meeting.  A receipt for tax purposes will be issued by return mail.  All monies are for mini
stry expenses.
Ken receives no salary from this ministry.

You will not only be a recipient of the Circuit Rider's ministry, you will also be a vital part of the team linked together all across America.  We are asking that special prayer be offered up for our country's spiritual revival and that God will move on each heart in an extraordinary way!

We are praying daily concerning your decision and involvement.


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